Pastoral counseling based on Biblical principles is available on a short-term basis (up to five sessions) from our pastoral staff and others trained in Biblical Counseling.

Lone Hill distinguishes between truly Biblical Counseling which seeks to instruct and encourage from the truth of Scripture and secular psychological counseling which ignores the values of Scripture and seeks to explain emotional and relational problems apart from the ravages of sin and the resource of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Biblical Counseling does not ignore helpful insights of secular psychology into the behavior of people, but it readily distinguishes between Christians who simply apply secular psychology and the real application of Scripture to untangle the knotted problems which develop in people's lives. Biblical Counseling emphasizes the need for other's encouragement, the wisdom of God's Word, and the work of the Holy Spirit to achieve a victory which is God glorifying and life-strengthening and healing.

The goal of Biblical Counseling is to achieve solutions to life's problems which produce Christ-like and Spirit-empowered responses to the ravages of sin and the challenges which we are providentially called to face. The Christian maturation process requires Scriptural ways of thinking which in turn changes the way we emotionally respond to people and circumstances. Scripture equips us with a true world view and instructs in God-given principles and commandments for Christ-like responses to ourselves, others, and circumstances.