The Bible is God’s Word, and Bible study is the truest way to personally know God and His desires for us.

At Lone Hill Church, the Bible is taught from the pulpit on Sundays, in all of our discipleship groups, in Sunday School classes and at nearly every gathering. On Wednesdays beginning at 7 p.m., we host a community Bible Study led by Pastor Sam Kim. Currently we are offering a Zoom only Bible Study. Contact the Lone Hill Office for the Zoom meeting information for this week’s Bible Study.

Current Study

Wednesdays at 7 p.m. -- The Book of Genesis

Pastor Sam Kim just completed "The Story of Jacob". Next week we will be studying Genesis chapter 26.

We are currently using the English Standard Version (ESV) in this study. We invite you to use the different Bible translations available at to enhance your participation in this community Bible study.