Being a small church, Lone Hill Church offers a non-threatening and a very personal opportunity to get to know other members and to build real Christian fellowship. Personal relationships and a family atmosphere are among the most valuable elements of an abundant Christian life that Lone Hill Church can offer its members.

Lone Hill Church offers many opportunities throughout the week for fellowship and Christian growth, including:

  • Small groups, including Bible studies, Christian ministry groups and opportunities for church-based or in-home meetings for study, prayer and fellowship. (Currently our Shepherding groups will be offered at a later date.)
  • One to one discipling or accountability relationships.
  • Men’s ministries offer a variety of events, including training classes, evangelistic outreach and more.
  • Women’s ministries offer seminars, fellowships, prayer groups and other opportunities.
  • Children and youth Bible school classes are offered each Sunday.
  • Nursery care and a Cry Room are available during Sunday Morning Services.

One of our Marks of Maturity is called "Fellowship Involvement." It is defined as "weekly faithfulness in worship and involvement with a small group, and one to one discipling or accountability relationships, so that personal growth, equipping, love, accountability, and belonging are being experienced." To achieve this we ask each member to develop and establish three levels of fellowship:

  • 1st Level of Fellowship - We ask that everyone be regularly in worship every Lord's Day with the whole church. Corporate worship is very necessary as means of grace for spiritual growth and commanded by Scripture, but it is to be supplemented.
  • 2nd Level of Fellowship - We also ask that everyone be regularly involved in a small group of the church, whether it is a Bible Study, ministry group, a fellowship group, or a Shepherding Group. Fellowship must have a face to face relationship with other believers, and through these relationships we sense true belonging and personal spiritual care. This most easily happens in small groups.
  • 3rd Level of Fellowship - For consistent spiritual growth, we also need a third dimension of fellowship. We ask everyone to develop a one to one accountability relationship with (men) another brother or (women) another sister to build deep trusting, personal, and growing relationships. 

We urge everyone to experience these three levels of which together forms the full concert of true and Biblical fellowship. 

We hope you visit and by the Lord’s leading join us in this great adventure of faith in Jesus Christ! We promise to help guide you to a deeper relationship with Jesus, with your fellow Christians, and to a meaningful ministry.